Selling the house? Let’s remodel!
Complete home decor design and remodel
From Sewer Repair to Roof repair and everything in between…
Licensed general building contractor, c-10 electrical contractor, and c-36 plumbing contractor, and bonded for both public works and private works in the city of Los Angeles and the State of California hence California Handyman license # 885624.  We specialize in remodeling and renovating homes to be sold at a better price then what they would have been sold otherwise.  Our California designs not only sell at a higher profit, but sell faster.
Repair and Maintenance Services maybe phased out completely
Repairs and Maintenance has always been our number one service provided to our local community, but as the community is younger, it seems that no one cares to repair or maintain anything so they just have me install a new fixture.  It happens a lot.  It’s understandable, so with that said, we are no longer in the repair and maintenance business.  We only are doing home construction, room addition, and remodeling
New Construction
California Handyman specializes in building hill side homes subject to California earth quakes.  Beautiful home designs and stronger to withstand the earth quakes.
Room Addition
Get your room addition in no time.  Our standard plans and designs help get the city’s approval and issue building permits to build your addition faster and cheaper than the competition.
Home Remodeling
Have a remodeling design idea you’re not sure about and want someone to consult with?  We’re here to do just that.  We can help you develop your dream kitchen and bathroom design. cares about our community members
Thank you for visiting our web page.  We know you have choices and hope you choose US and we can have a win-win relationship.

Where to find us:
5355 Hermitage Avenue
Valley Village, CA  91607